Reviews from Training Courses and Workshops

Reviews from Training Courses and Workshops

We have many reviews from professionals we have worked with including teachers, College and University professionals, Social Care workers and other therapists.

If you would like to talk to a professional we are currently working with or have worked with in the past, please contact us. We can put you in touch with professionals who have accessed Supervision, Training or Consultation with Bristol CBT Clinic.

Reviews from Training Courses and Workshops

Workshop: An Overview of mental health problems in children and young people
(Training provided to teachers, learning support assistants, School Nurses, Social Workers and Social Care staff, Foster Care Agency Staff, Youth Workers and Statutory agency professionals October 2019, January 2020)

"I would highly recommend this day’s workshop to any professional working with children and young people."

"As a Deputy Head of a large secondary school, I’ve seen a huge increase over the last 10 years in the number of pupils struggling with mental health difficulties. It’s so difficult to know how and when to offer support and when to refer on to a specialist agency like CAMHS. This workshop has proved invaluable in improving my understanding of this area and I will certainly be recommending that other teachers in our school also attend this workshop. All in all an excellent day of training."

"This training provides a useful and helpful overview of mental health problems in young people – what the signs and symptoms of anxiety and depression look like, what frontline strategies are helpful to draw upon and when to refer on to other agencies. I now feel a lot more equipped with knowledge and skills in this area."

"In my role as a Social Worker, I’ve worked with children for many years. I never knew though that there were so many different types of anxiety that affect children. I now know what to look out for and have resources and strategies to use when needed "

"Loads of information, resources and worksheets and a great mix of interactive exercises, video clips and case examples. Loved the quiz at the end! "

"A really enjoyable and useful day. Thankyou."

"My only criticism of this workshop is that it’s so useful to my work, I wish we had more than one day."

CBT Skills Workshop : Working with young people with anxiety and low mood
(Training provided to professionals working within a Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service, November 2019)

"A fantastic day’s workshop. I really enjoyed the group experiences, case examples and video clips which informed the teaching. Thankyou. The whole day was excellent."

"Great training. Lots to take away and build-on."

"I benefitted so much from this workshop and would highly recommend it to others’ using CBT skills in their work"

"I would fully recommend this workshop. It was informative, interesting and engaging. I think everyone would have taken something from the day and would feel more confident now when supporting a child who is anxious or depressed."

"A good overview of CBT-informed work. I already use CBT a lot but Kate still made the training incredibly useful. I’m full of ideas and have learned about new tools which I can now go back and put in to practise."

"I’m feeling much more confident about how to structure, focus and apply CBT-skills. Thankyou Dr Donoghue"

"This training was well presented, informative and pitched at just the right level. I particularly liked the way Kate provided case examples, video clips and the time to think through some of the challenges of working with anxiety and depression in children and young people. I now have a toolbox full of strategies to try out, and some useful resources and worksheets."

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