Reviews from Supervisees

Testimonials from Supervisees

We have many reviews from professionals we have worked with including supervisees.

Reviews from supervisees

"Thank you again for giving me such an important space.  It’s made a real difference to my practise"

Clinical Psychology Supervisee

"I have worked as a CBT Therapist with Kate Donoghue for 6 years and have received 1:1 and group supervision from her for the whole of that time. Kate takes a structured and planned approach to the supervision relationship, taking time to understand what the supervisee wants to explore or learn during each session, and to check out with them whether that has been achieved. I have always felt at ease with Kate. She elicits learning and discovery through using the Socratic method. She has a great clarity and economy of expression that brings the work to life and enhances understanding. Kate identifies suitable models and approaches, and signposts relevant resources. In our supervision we have used active methods such as drawing formulations, reviewing video, and role-playing aspects of clinical sessions. Kate is a highly experienced and respected clinician and I would highly recommend her."

Bobby Orchard - CBT Therapist, CAMHS

"As a Psychiatry trainee, Kate supervised me doing a short CBT case as part of my CAMHS placement. I did not have any previous experience, but with Kate's support and wisdom I was able to deliver CBT with confidence. I am so thankful that I had this opportunity to learn about CBT by actually delivering it, rather than just observing. I do not think I would have been able to do this without such an experienced, enthusiastic supervisor encouraging me. Kate always values your opinions and makes you feel an important part of the team. She is able to bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from a long career in child and adolescent mental health to her CBT supervision which I have found invaluable."

Sally Stuart - Core Trainee in Psychiatry

"I have been having weekly supervision with Kate since January 2020 when I started the CBT training program at Reading University. As somebody new to CBT, I have frequently approached supervision with lots of questions and feeling unsure about my practice, yet I’ve come away feeling prepared and confident for my next session. I initially felt terrified at the thought of showing video clips in supervision, however, Kate always offers positive feedback about what I’ve done well, with lots of constructive advice and encouragement for how I can improve my practice or what I could do differently. Kate is incredibly supportive and has a huge amount of knowledge and experience. I really value the supervision I have with her and have learnt so much; I feel so lucky that she’s been my supervisor during this course!"

Becca Fell - CBT Trainee, University of Reading Diploma (Children and Young People IAPT CBT Diploma)

"Kate has supervised me throughout my CBT training and into practice in the NHS. I have always found Kate to be extremely knowledgeable, encouraging, enthusiastic and positive and her supervision has allowed me to develop and progress as a therapist. She has a real passion for CBT and for the young people she works with."

Laura Evans - CBT Therapist, CAMHS

"Dear Kate, I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your support and advice over the past year. Supervision has never been so informative and I have learnt a huge amount from you about CBT and how it can be used creatively with children and young people. Your passion for and knowledge of CBT is really inspiring."

Christina Ohlsen - CBT Therapist, CAMHS

"Over many years of working in the NHS and within a specialist CBT Clinic, Kate has provided me with individual, group and peer Supervision. As a Clinical Psychologist and a BABCP Accredited CBT therapist and fellow Supervisor, I have found her Supervision to be invaluable. She is someone I can trust and feel comfortable with. She is highly skilled and has always been very committed to our supervision and to the children and young people that we work with. I feel very lucky to have worked so closely with her and to have had her as my Supervisor over the years."

Dr Lucy Hubbard - Consultant Clinical Psychologist; Accredited CBT therapist, CAMHS

"Dear Kate. I just wanted to say thankyou so much for all of your help and support throughout my CBT training this year. You’ve been such a great Supervisor and your knowledge, skills and expertise have without a doubt, helped me to grow and develop as a CBT therapist. I now feel ready to take off my L plates!"

CBT trainee, University of Reading Diploma (Children and Young People IAPT CBT Diploma)

"Dear Kate. Heartfelt thanks to you for your support throughout my training. I have learnt so much from you and am very grateful to have had you as my Supervisor"

Laura - CBT trainee, University of Reading Diploma (Children and Young People IAPT CBT Diploma)

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